Dealer show reservation

complete form,we will call you back with confirmation 1-603-621-0700 all calls will go to voicemail and will be returned within 24 hours



  1. Exhibitor shall abide by and observe all Federal, State and Local laws, ordinances, rules and      regulations, all rules of the show building, and shall obtain all necessary permits or licenses at Exhibitor’s cost.
  2. Absolutely NO LOADED FIREARMS will be permitted inside of Show. 
  3. ALL FIREARMS must be secured with trigger locks or plastic tie wraps and free of any clips or      magazines. That includes an Exhibitor’s personal gun, as well as any guns displayed inside or outside of glass cases.
  4. Exhibits are limited to merchandise at the discretion of Show Management.
  5. Normal Show hours will be advertised and Exhibitors are required to be open for business during that time. Early departures must be cleared by promoter, otherwise they will be noted and could affect your positioning and seniority in future Shows.
  6. Any tables or exhibits not covered by 8:20 a.m. Saturday will forfeit reservations and payment.
  7. Two Exhibitor badges will be issued per table plus 1 for each additional paid table. Additional or lost      badges are $5.00 each.
  8. The Show Management accepts no      responsibility or liability for any and all damages or injuries resulting from a ticket holder’s merchandise or actions.
  9. The Show Management accepts no      responsibility or liability for any and all damages or injuries resulting from an Exhibitor’s merchandise or actions.
  10. Table/Exhibit reservations will not be guaranteed without the proper deposit (50% of booth/table cost due when reservation is made, balance due 30 days before show date.
  11. Telephone reservations will be cancelled if a deposit isn’t received within 7 days.
  12. Cancellations must be made by Thursday, 2 weeks prior to show set up.  
  13. Any accidental firearm discharges will result in automatic expulsion from Show.
  14. It is recommended that the Exhibitor maintain their own liability insurance during the term of this      Agreement.
  15. All returned checks will incur a $30.00 service charge and place Exhibitor on a “cash only” basis.
  16. Move-out hours are typically  Sundays from 3 to 8 p.m. Any Exhibitors staying past 8 p.m. will be invoiced for additional labor costs of $100.00      per hour and may be subject to lockout and storage fees.
  17. Show Management reserves the right to expel without refund and refuse re-admittance to any Exhibitor who does not comply with Show Management or Facility Management.
  18. Show Management will employ general overall 24 hour guard service during the course of the Show, but assumes no liability for loss or damage by any cause.
  19. Show Management will make assignment of space guided by Exhibitor’s priorities established, space      and utility requirements, date of receipt of Application and deposit/full payment.
  20. Show Management reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan and relocate any booth without notice, to provide a more satisfactory, attractive and successful Show.
  21. ALL TABLES MUST BE  SKIRTED. All merchandise must stay within  the confines of the booth/table space.
  22. Exhibitor must surrender space occupied by him to Management in the same condition as it was at the start  of occupation. Exhibitor will be liable for any and all damages to space occupied or equipment furnished.
  23. Exhibitor agrees that all cash  sales made during the Show are his sole responsibility and shall be duly reported in accordance with state and federal tax regulations.
  24. In the event an Exhibitor violates any provision of this Agreement, Management shall have the right      to cancel this Agreement, remove, close or eliminate any exhibit, and  refuse future participation in any other Shows.

Live animals, except service dogs, are not permitted inside of Show.