Northeast Expositions is proud promoter of shows throughout New England we pride ourselves in our ability to actively promote shows in the local communities and ensure public knowledge of the event which means good business for our vendors

Common Q&A we are asked prior to each show

Disclaimer: The responses to these questions are not intended as any form of legal advice. The responses are generalized answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. You should check with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if you have further questions on any issue relating to the buying or selling of firearms.

Q I want to buy my first gun,should I go to the show

yes for many reasons, mainly we have NRA instructors on site that are available to provide guidance as to the type of firearm that would best fit your needs, you would then be able to shop several dealers as an informed buyer.

Q Can I bring a gun to the show to sell or trade?

Yes, and many folks do. Please be sure the gun is unloaded before you enter the building, and take it to our gun check table at the show entry for verification. They will clear it and secure it with a nylon tie to disable the action. No loaded firearms and no loaded magazines are permitted at our gun show. Your personal safety is our number one priority while you are at the show.

Q Can I carry a loaded gun in the gun show? I have a Concealed Carry Permit.

We respectfully request that you do not bring any loaded firearm into the gun show. Safety is our Number One Priority, and a safe environment in the show can only be maintained if there are no loaded guns in the show.

Q Can I buy a gun at a gun show if I am a resident of another state?

yes, but you must provide proof of residency in the state where you are purchasing a gun. You may place an order with a licensed dealer at a gun show and arrange to have the firearm shipped to a dealer in your state of residence, which can be delivered to you in your state of residence after completing the required Federal forms and meeting state requirements (if there are any requirements in addition to the Federal law.)

Q How much does it cost to get in the gun show?

The admission costs are typically $8 ladies pay only $2 on Sundays! Children 12 and under are admitted free with a supervising adult, and we encourage family participation at our shows.

Q What time does the gunshow open to the public?

Public Hours for the shows are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Q Where do we get tickets to the Gun Shows?

They are available at the entrance to the various shows, we do not have advance ticket sales

Q How do I get directions to a Gun Show?

Directions to the various gun show venues are on our website

Q Can I get a gun appraised at the gun show?

Yes, there are many collectors and dealers at the gun shows. Since no one is designated as the official appraiser for the show, you are encouraged to talk to several dealers and collectors to determine the value of any firearm if you are planning to sell it.

Q I have a collection of guns that I have built up over the past twenty years or so, and I would like to sell some of them now. Can I get a table to sell them if I don't have a license?

Yes, you may buy, sell or trade at any gun show if you are a private collector and set up at a show on an occasional basis. You must have a Federal Firearms License if you are “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms on a regular basis. You should check with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for clarification if you sell more than occasionally at any gun show.